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The Fertility Guides

Get one, or get 'em all! In every bundle you’ll get a collection of ebooks that are easy to read and full of essential knowledge as well as heaps of bonus resources, workbooks, tools and templates. 

Think of The Fertility Guides as the teacher in your pocket, ready and waiting to answer all those questions that Google can't - or shouldn't!

Nutrition, Weight Loss and Meal Planning

Core and Pelvic Floor


Join me in the classroom as I cover:

Periods and Fertility

Ready? Let's dive in

Choose your adventure

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Use this charting workbook to record and interpret the information your menstrual cycle is giving you so that you can better understand your unique cycle and fertility. In addition to all the information you'll need to get started with charting, this workbook contains an entire year of charting pages for tracking your menstrual cycle and your natural fertile signs. 

Your ultimate guide to charting your menstrual cycle and identifying your body's natural fertile signs with ease!

This workbook and information guide is packed full of essential knowledge that empowers you to tune in to your body, understand your cycle and discover a completely natural method of tracking your fertility (because it’s so much more than just your period).

Cycle Charting

Cycle Charting

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This is your all-in-one resource that not only guides you through every week of your pregnancy – but also teaches you what to eat, how to exercise safely and how to prepare your mind and body for labour.

Enjoy a healthy, active and pain-free pregnancy and celebrate the miracle of growing a tiny human

(without the mum-guilt, crippling overwhelm and “is this normal??” syndrome)


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If you’re tired of leaking every time you laugh, sneeze or work out, then you probably already know that you need to strengthen your pelvic floor.  This bundle will help you to identify and understand your pelvic floor problems, improve your pelvic health, fix your symptoms and reclaim your body confidence!

A comprehensive education and workout program that retrains and strengthens
your core and pelvic floor – for life!

The Core & Pelvic Floor

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This is the ultimate nutrition bundle that helps you to understand nutrition so you can take back control of your health (and your weight) once and for all! You'll also learn how to plan healthy meals, how to shift your workouts to fat-burning mode and how to give your body some love and silence that nasty inner critic.

Lose weight, eat healthy and finally learn to love your body!

Nutrition & Weight Loss

Nutrition &
Weight Loss

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The Core and Pelvic Floor Guide is a wealth of information! 
Rachel knows her stuff and is so quick to reply with answers and offer support!


This is great! I'm 7 months pregnant and though I was really fit and active before pregnancy, I have become super nervous and paranoid about doing the wrong exercises because there's quite a lot of conflicting information online. 
Thank you, I really appreciate it! 


The Core and Pelvic Floor Guides were full of helpful advice and exercises that have improved the strength of my pelvic floor. 
The guides are easy to read and very informative. 
Every woman should have access to this advice! 


Thank you! It's because of you I've learned to speak up!!!


Thank you for all of your help and support! 


If I was in Australia, I'd be booking some sessions with you right away! Thank you!

kind words

ok, I'm intrigued. tell me more!

Meet your teacher

I’m a physiotherapist, nutrition and health coach and a natural fertility educator. And I don’t want to claim to be smarter than Google, but when it comes to your body and your health, it’s best to steer clear from a one-size-fits-all approach.

I’m the friend you wish you’d had in high school when you first went looking for answers about periods, sex and how not to get pregnant to that dorky guy with braces (even though you swore you’d be together forever).

And later, when Cosmo stopped giving you the info you needed and you started to notice that you pee a little every time you sneeze…well, I can help with that too.

Hi, I'm Rachel.

I believe that all women deserve access to the essential knowledge they need to understand and celebrate their bodies, take control of their health and completely transform their lives!