The podcast where you'll get answers to those questions you’ve been secretly Googling and all those things you’re too embarrassed to ask your doctor, because… well – We’re women! Shouldn’t we just know this stuff?? 

The Fertility Co. Podcast

Fertility awareness, charting your menstrual cycle, natural birth control and pre-conception care – I'll teach you all those things they never taught you in health class!

No topic is off-limits and there are no dumb questions!

Every week, I'm sharing my top tips, essential knowledge and life advice to help you understand your body, take control of your health and create a life you love!

Women just like you sharing their stories

Interviews with experts in their field

Advice for all life's major milestones

Girl-talk like you've never heard before

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I help women to ditch hormonal birth control, optimise ovulation and get pregnant fast!

Using my signature fertility charting framework, my online programs and 1:1 consultations will empower you to use your menstrual cycle as a tool to track your body’s natural fertile signs and pinpoint ovulation day to achieve or avoid pregnancy naturally. 

My holistic, evidence-based approach encompasses lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, gentle detoxification, stress management and mindset to achieve your reproductive goals and improve your overall health and wellbeing. 

I believe that all women deserve access to the essential knowledge they need to understand and celebrate their bodies, take control of their health and completely transform their lives!

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