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Healthy Exercise for Preconception

Hormone Balance

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Discover the importance of exercise for preconception and early pregnancy. Learn how exercise can optimise fertility, hormone balance, and prepare your body for the physical demands of pregnancy. Find expert tips on safe and effective exercise routines tailored to each phase of your menstrual cycle and the first trimester of pregnancy.

Hormone imbalance and oestrogen dominance

Hormone Balance

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It’s not you. It’s your hormones. In this podcast episode, I’m talking about hormone balance & the role of oestrogen & progesterone; when to test for hormonal imbalance and how to manage it by eliminating exposure to hormone disruptors and environmental pollutants, pesticides and why eating organic is essential.

Hormone Balance

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Ever heard that low AMH levels mean you’ll never get pregnant naturally? Quality over quantity. Always. 

In this podcast episode, we’re talking about why AMH levels may be a reliable indicator of your ovarian reserve, but they give no insight into the quality of those remaining eggs.


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