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Pelvic Floor

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In this episode, we’re talking about overactive pelvic floors. When your pelvic floor muscles have higher tone and activity than what we’d consider normal and why kegels are the very last thing you should be doing.

For some women, weakness isn’t the problem. And when we’re all being bombarded with the message to do our pelvic floor exercises every single day, we’re not necessarily being told about symptoms other than weakness and leaking. And so any problem down there at all, we think can be fixed by squeezing and lifting every day.

And this could be doing more harm than good.

5 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Her Pelvic Floor

Pelvic Floor

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Be honest. How often do you do your pelvic floor exercises?
Every day? When you remember? Never?

In this episode, I’m breaking down the 5 things that every woman should know about her pelvic floor – even if you’ve never had a baby!


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