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The 3 Temperature Shifts You Should Be Tracking Every Cycle

Cycle Charting

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Discover the essential temperature shifts you need to track in your menstrual cycle for better fertility awareness. Learn how basal body temperature (BBT) can confirm ovulation, predict your period, and potentially indicate early pregnancy signs. Understand the significance of progesterone levels and how they correlate with BBT fluctuations. Overcome common challenges and optimise your tracking with expert tips and insights.

Your Foolproof Checklist for Confirming Ovulation

Cycle Charting

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What if I told you that there are 3 simple things you can do to help confirm ovulation day?
And what if I told you that you don’t even have to do all of them every day?
Would you want to know what they were?
I thought so… which is EXACTLY why I am giving them to you in this episode.


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